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*The iHeart Gaming Center Update* 
We are currently CLOSED for operation - read further to understand why:

Hello everyone, as some of you may have heard (or are finding out just now) there was an accident at the parkour gym business next to our's called Vault PK on November 11. Due to this, and other oversights in the building we were not aware of, the city of San Diego has currently closed the building down for operation.

First and foremost, we at iHeart Gaming are hoping for the best results for any children and parents that were involved during this incident. We only have as much info as is being reported in the news, and we hope that everyone is safe and healthy.

Moving forward, we are doing our best to come up with solutions for the iHeart Gaming Center. Currently we are in the process of looking at all of our options in relation to continuing business, which includes our Virtual Reality game bookings, Smash 4 Tournaments, and future esports goals. Unfortunately, due to this condition, the Smash On Saturday tournaments that are held weekly will be cancelled until we are able to further accommodate them. In addition to this, anyone that had current VR Game bookings will be contacted by us, if you have not been contacted already. For more information, please email me directly at Preston@iHeartGaming.com

As any more information is available, and anything changes in our ability to continue the iHeart Gaming Center, we will certainly update via our website and facebook pages. Thank you for your understanding and continued support! We still, as always, look forward to working in and expanding the gaming & esports community in San Diego.

- iHeart Gaming
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Virtual Reality

VR Gaming is the latest and greatest in entertainment experience. Jump inside a new world with over 50 games to choose from!

Xbox & Playstation Consoles

No waiting around here! Xbox One & Playstation consoles are available to play in-between VR Gaming, that way you can share with friends.

Parties &

It's tough figuring out where to have the next birthday party or event. Make it a unique and memorable experience with our VR Booking party options.

Corporate Team Building

Relieve that office stress and bring your corporate or other business group in for a team building day where everyone can have fun.

A Look Inside

VR Gaming places you in a whole new world
to experience video games entirely different



The iHeart Gaming Center is the one and only Virtual Reality Gaming location in San Diego. With the latest in VR Gaming, you can experience a whole new excitement for video games no matter your age. Whether you're looking to try it out for an hour or 2, or make your next birthday party exciting, come check it out!


With our Downtown San Diego location, we have the perfect spot to enjoy VR Gaming. We offer multiple stations that can be booked by the hour or to host your next party/event. We also have console gaming available with Xbox One & Playstation systems so that everyone can have a fun time. As a host for local gaming Tournaments, Events, and Education Camps check it often for new schedules.


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Contact Us

Please email for additional information to Preston@iHeartGaming.com

1699 Main St.
San Diego, CA 92113
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